Custom Walnut Furniture New Jersey

Walnut Tables

The tables on this page are made from Walnut. Walnut is known for it’s natural beauty, none of the items on this page are stained. These tables are available with breadboard ends and tapered legs. They are available as solid walnut tables or with painted legs. Our tables are available in almost any size that you’d like. Standard height is 30″, and standard width is 36″. Please Contact us for questions about prices or to begin your order.


cropped-Walnut-Dining-Room-Set-Princeton-NJ.gifWalnut Hardwood Furniture Hamilton NJWalnut Furniture Chesterfield NJWalnut Dining Table Hamilton NJWalnut Dining Room Set Princeton NJWalnut Dining Room SetWalnut Dining Table and Bench Bordentwon NJWalnut Hardwood Table Hamilton NJHardwood Dining Room Set in Princeton NJCustom Walnut Dining Table Bordentown NJCustom Dining Table Hamilton NJCustom Hardwood Table Bordentown NJWalnut Dining Room Set Princeton NJ

Walnut Corner Cabinet with black paintCustom Corner cabinet with black paintCustom Corner Cabinet with walnut woodCorner Cabinet with raised panel door and black paintlow corner cabinetcropped-Walnut-Furniture-NJ-4131866614-1516670955547.jpgCustom Cabinet with Walnut Top New Jersey