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After plating the meal, take any leftover butter and spoon it over the fish.Eating a yummy yet simple dinner can take some planning ahead too, if that’s how you work best.First, you’ll brown the chicken breasts over the stove before transferring them in the oven to cook through.And it doesn’t take much to prepare at all.Making a nachos recipe at home leaves you to pile on the goodies evenly over the chips, which you’ll arrange in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet.But, the most important reason to make this salad is to eat grilled halloumi, a firm cheese that can stand the heat of a grill or grill pan.Cooking mushrooms can be an exercise in patience—they’ll brown nicely after just a few minutes on the stovetop, but if you keep going they will caramelize and start to crisp up almost like a steak.

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Craving pasta but not in the mood to load up on carbs? We devised this super easy dinner idea: a pasta dish with garlic, onion, kale, grape tomatoes, and almonds to go with whole-grain noodles.Meatballs are fun because you can pair them with lots of things, not just pasta.I love sharing DIYs.Get the recipe: Whole-Grain Spaghetti With Garlicky Kale and TomatoesRELATED: Healthy Kale Recipes.If you have some canned pineapple slices lying around then you can make this rice tonight.To be honest, this recipe is so delicious.Forget nacho chips, try these easy potato nachos with sour cream, avocados and lime.

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Get Holley’s Recipe TipsApplicationsellipsisMailiphoneImage zoomCreamy Cajun Shrimp Linguine RecipeShrimp and pasta combine with a creamy sauce for a quick and delicious dish.Get Holley’s Recipe TipsApplicationsAdvertisementellipsisMailiphoneImage zoomShrimp Pad Thai RecipeMake a surprisingly simple restaurant favorite at home.Simple dinner ideas can often save your dinner plans on a weekday.Feel like a meal that’s both light and hearty? One that’s got vegetables and protein? Our fast recipe for shrimp, leek, and spinach pasta is the answer.

35 Quick Dinner Ideas For Tonight | Real Simple

Sometimes we come home and we don’t even want to take one look at the kitchen, that’s how tired we are.Top it off with rounds of red onion and it’s becomes an unforgettable pie.Try something a little different and create an egg drop soup right at home.This is great if you have a few potatoes lying around.Keep the steak tender by adding it towards the end of the 6-minute bake time. Sometimes you just need a big bowl of pasta at the end of the day, right?.The secret is in keeping the recipes simple, or even learning some by heart and using the ingredients that are already in your fridge.

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Healthy Main Dishes.Get the recipe: Chicken Thighs With Chorizo, Spring Onions, and Rice Pilaf.Now that they’ve stated naming winter storms (which I think is a bit silly), I said this one should have been named “The Stinkin’ Cold Storm!”.You can use leftover chicken to make this soup, which makes it extra easy!.If you’re feeling like its a soup kind of day, try this minestrone soup! It’s filled with healthy ingredients like green beans, carrots, and diced tomatoes.If you add some chicken you can make it extra filling and yummy.

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A simple dinner idea that’s worth a try, especially if you have some extra broccoli lying around you need to get rid of.Plenty of choice chili recipes require you to simmer the pot for an hour or two.Store the salad in the fridge in a sealed container; serve cool or at room temperature alongside freshly roasted salmon.Layers of hummus and Feta stand in for tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese in this nontraditional personal pie, and the simple recipe for this fun and creative dinner only includes four steps (including serving).You don’t have to order take out or go to any Asian restaurant once you learn to create this at home.Sheet Pan Dinners.

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Amazing easy dinner ideas
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