Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Chesterfield NJ. We are available for in person consultations by appointment only. Please contact us prior to visiting the shop.

How can I pay for items on your page? 
Once we’ve discussed your order, I’ll send you an invoice through email for a deposit. The remaining balance is due on the day your order is delivered. I accept cash, check and credit cards.

What paint options do you offer for tables, cabinets and benches?

 Typically, I use only high quality paints and primers from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.  We will use either a paint, or pigmented lacquer based on your needs.When selecting paint color, you are welcome to be as general or specific as you want to be. If you are trying to match other colors in your home, I am willing to use any brand and color that you specify. Alternatively, you can simply specify, white, grey, or black etc, and leave the rest up to me.

What stain options do you offer?

 If you have a question about a color featured on the site please contact me.  If you’d like to specify a stain from another manufacturer, we might be able to use it.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to All of New Jersey, All of Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Brooklyn, NYC and NYC Suburbs, Washington DC, and Washington DC Suburbs, and more.


How Rustic is a standard Farmhouse table?

My standard tables are not excessively rustic. Although, your table will have knots, it will not have holes or other natural defects unless you request that your table have these features.

What Kind of Warranty do you offer?

Workmanship and materials have a lifetime guarantee. Serious owner inflicted damages are not covered. However, I’ll be happy to repair serious owner inflicted damages for reasonable fees. In general, you can expect that I will work with you, not against you.

Can your furniture be used outside?

No. My furniture is intended for inside use only. You might have noticed that some of the pictures are taken outside. That is simply an attempt to get pictures of the items with plenty of natural light.

What do you charge for delivery?

Delivery Estimates are based on tolls and mileage. We strive to keep delivery costs, low, and competitive. Ask to find out. They’re usually quite reasonable.

What Type of Wood do you use?

We use Douglas Fir for our Farmhouse table tops, and bench tops. Our Premium Hardwood Tables are made from Maple, Walnut, Mahogany,  or other species. We can use almost any type of wood as long you’ll pay for it. Our Cabinets are maple and maple plywood.

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