Grizzly 16″ Jointer- G9953ZX Review

I purchased my G9953ZX in late June of 2018, shortly before the US government imposed the tariff. I had difficulty finding reviews for this model. Hopefully, this review will help someone in the future.

I compared this jointer to models from Felder, SCM and Powermatic. At the time of my purchase, the G9953ZX was the only immediately available single phase 16” jointer, that I could locate. I was able to find 16” jointer/planer combos, and 3 phase 16” jointers. After considering my options, I felt that the G9953ZX represented a good compromise between features and value. However, after close to 6 months of regular use, I do not feel that compromise is a good word to describe this machine. I think it is an excellent machine.

Setting up the jointer was easy. I used a 10’ long aluminum straight edge from McMaster Carr, and a 4’ Starret straight edge to inspect the machine. The tables were co-planer, and very flat. I was unable to get a .001 feeler gauge under the straight edges. As I recall, the fence was either slightly bowed or hollow by a few thousandths. I’ve never used or owned a jointer with a perfectly flat fence. I don’t think it matters. I’m providing this information in the spirit of thoroughness, not because I believe that it really matters.

UPS Freight canceled delivery a few hours before the scheduled appointment. This was inconvenient because I rented a forklift to help unload and position the machine. Liftgate service was unavailable for this item. I ended up renting a stake bed truck, and I picked up the machine from the freight depot. Lifting the machine off of the pallet was uncomplicated. The machine’s base has a convenient place for lifting straps.

I use this machine almost everyday. I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in a stand alone 16” jointer. It is a large and heavy machine. It is over 99” long, and weighs over 1,600 lbs. If anyone has any questions about this machine, please let me know. I’ll be happy to give information based on my experience.


Grizzly 16" Jointer in crate G9953ZX


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